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Electronic personnel file

HR and payroll processing

The human resources department is usually one of the best organized business units of every organization, and its team members are acutely aware that a single mistake can lead to dissatisfaction, or even demotivation of their end-users – the employees. It may happen that, as a result of inconsistencies or lacking documentation, the organization itself will face administrative fines. All this result in the HR staff being rather slow with their actions, striving to ensure the highest possible standard of service.


However, at the modern day speed of life and work this can be insufficient, and despite increasing amounts of documentation received by human resources at any given time, a growing pressure will be applied to all HR employees. Research has shown that a single HR staff member, when processing paper-based personnel files, will only be able to handle some 200 FTEs each month.

Personnel files in the 21st century

A solution that allows the effective management of ongoing HR and payroll transactions, while significantly improving the quality of work among HR department members, is the electronic personnel file (EPF). Once the active employee paper records are scanned and indexed, they will be transformed into an easily accessible and easy to use electronic format. Following this, an optimization of the entire human resources and payroll process takes place to ensure improved efficiencies.

Electronic personnel files are especially effective in larger organizations with a dispersed structure, where the physical documents are created in multiple locations, with the irregular deliveries to a central human resources department causing difficulties with the daily processing of outstanding issues, leading to delays and increased costs due to frequent transport and irregular time schedules. It can also prove a valuable tool to third party providers, charged with the task of processing payroll for their clients.

The advantages of implementing an electronic personnel file solution include the following:

    • Ability to gain management insight to the HR and payroll process (completeness),
    • Full audit trail of work with electronic personnel files – login and change logs,
    • Improved work efficiencies while maintaining quality – a single human resources employee using EPFs will process up to 1000 FTEs each month,
    • Time savings for human resources staff who can dedicate the extra time to work with company staff during trainings, develop their own skills, or innovative and strategic HR projects.

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