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Przetwarzanie dokumentów w procesach back-office

Back-office is a necessity, but a burden too

Faced with growing competition and universal access to the global market, general acceleration and reduction of time to serve customers, organizations big and small are looking for options to enhance internal business processes in a bid to achieve greater work efficiency and competitive advantage. The term “outsourcing” has become generally known and adopted, and the fact selected business processes can be handled by third party providers is no longer causing anxiety among company managers. Outsourcing can become the key to your organization’s success, as taking selected processes out of a company’s structure and having an expert third party manage them, you will gain the extra potential to focus on your core business, offering better and faster customer service, winning the much desired competitive edge.

Outsourcing as a solution

The processes that are most frequently outsourced to third party providers include human resource or payroll management, business travel management, or processing industry-specific documents, such as waybills or customs clearances. All these burdensome processes can be outsourced to a professional third party service provider who, under a relevant agreement and in accordance with an agreed SLA, will manage the selected processes. This can include any or all of the following activities:

    • Collection of physical documents from a pre-agreed location and transportation to the processing center,
    • Scanning documents, including placement of relevant tracking codes,
    • Full OCR of scanned documents and data capture,
    • Processing data in your systems,
    • Delivery of data sets in selected formats,
    • Archiving and storage of physical documents in a secure storage facility.

The advantages of outsourcing document processing activities to a professional third party provider include the following:

    • Relieving your business from the burden of non-value adding processes,
    • Focusing on your core business to develop innovative solutions for your customers,
    • Reduction of time required to process documents,
    • Competitive edge.

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