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Bulk document scanning and digitization

More often than not, in the 21st century documents are created as digital forms, e.g. e-mails or MS Word/MS Excel files, processed and sent between users digitally. This does not mean, however, that all your information assets created before the onset of the digital revolution may be placed in long-term storage – some of them will still need to be used in everyday operational activities of your organization.


It may be the case that access to these documents, tapes, films, microfilms or drawings in physical form becomes difficult, for such prosaic reasons as the distance between your office and the storage facility or lacking competencies among the records management staff in locating and delivering the right media to your doorstep. The process itself can also prove highly time-consuming.

A solution may be to scan all or some of your information records, for example the said documents or technical drawings, or even HR documents as part of the electronic personnel file (EPF), properly index the records, i.e. provide understandable identifiers to the electronic files to easily locate them in a database, enabling all users to access their records quickly, without waiting for a physical delivery.

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