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Records management

Information governance

Managing your records, in other words adopting a set of standards of work with company information and data, is not a one-off exercise, but an ongoing responsibility of all employees, to ensure problem-free location and access to information required in everyday work. Comprehensive records management policies and rules, developed in compliance with the information governance standards, covering multiple policies and best practices, is the recommended method for ensuring not only availability of information, but also content protection from potential data leaks and breaches.

Records management programs

Today the awareness of the applicable law and regulations for records management is not limited to a circle of qualified archivists and records managers, but it is them who will ensure that all records, be it binders, files or boxes, are properly indexed, categorized (A or B), linked to specific subjects, stored in chronological and thematic order, with the containers properly marked. One of the key aspects of the records management process is the development of a document list, identification of category B documents for shredding on expiry of their retention periods, and the delivery of a managed archive to a responsible employee along with a relevant instruction on how to use, store and shred the records.

Order your documents

A well-managed and properly protected set of records, or archive, will give peace of mind and confidence that sensitive information will only be accessible to authorized users who will also be able to locate the required documents within a relatively short period of time, not losing it to browse through stacks of unorderly files or binders. It is also a guarantee that in the event of any official summons from a government institution or court, the required documents will be found, without undue delay. The information governance also provides for the storage of the relevant content only, thus reducing the so-called “ROT”, Redundant/Obsolete/Trivial records, and the associated storage costs.

The advantages of implementing information governance include the following:

    • Full control over your information records – document flow is fully monitored,
    • Security and peace of mind – all essential records are properly secured, protecting the business from data leaks, unauthorized change or destruction,
    • Convenience and comfort of using a well-managed in-house archive and time savings – properly indexed records becomes a quick and easy activity,
    • Space and time savings – removing “ROT” means that a lot of space will be freed up, to use it for value-adding activities for the business.

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