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Obsługa archiwum zakładowego

Professional support for your internal records management and storage

For legal or organizational reasons, many businesses decide to keep their records at their own premises. This will usually require them to make specific investments, with costs covering employee labor, relevant IT solutions, as well as the required technical infrastructure of the storage environment. It may be that all of these activities will be difficult to carry out internally, so an option to work with a third party professional, who will have the expertise, industry know-ho, and a high awareness of information governance policies, can prove of value.

Higher work efficiencies thanks to outsourcing

The provision and installation of racking systems, implementation of relevant security measures, as well as the choice of archive topology and document access system in compliance with information governance policies are among the greatest challenges facing businesses that wish to organize in-house archiving facilities. A professional third party provider will be able to take over all your information records, and thanks to its expertise in the area, they will offer cost reductions combined with a significant improvement in managing your records and media.

Flexible records management solutions

Thanks to a flexible internal structure, we are able to quickly respond to change. Should you decide to rearrange your office space and commit the premises used for records storage for to other purpose, Rhenus Data Office Polska will promptly move the records, in accordance with a pre-agreed service level, to one of our own storage facilities.

The advantages of having a professional third party manage your records:

    • Optimal use of the available storage space,
    • Time savings and risk reduction due to the application of professional records management solutions,
    • Minimization and transparency of costs, with billing charged to specific cost centers,
    • Instant user access thanks to uninterrupted access to records via an online platform,
    • Compliance with the legal requirements of records security,
    • Protection of your records from unauthorized access as a result of implementing information governance policies.

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