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Media vaulting

Media vaulting

Storage of digital media, including back-up tapes or disks (e.g. DDS/DAT, DLT, LTO, MOD, WORM, CD, DVD, HDD), at your own premises may pose significant risks to your operations. In-house media vaulting usually generates substantial additional costs of acquiring and maintaining reliable security systems. You can avoid incurring these expenses if you decide to work with a professional third party provider. By outsourcing media vaulting and management, you are gaining certified security, transparency and flexibility for an attractive price. 

Transparency is your gurantee of protection


Rhenus Data Office Polska offers comprehensive solutions in the area of secure document and media storage, covering all sorts of electronic media. No matter if you are looking to store your back-up tapes, e.g. MOD, WORM, or disks, e.g. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, or if you want to vault your hard drives or microfilms, you can rest assured your information will be secure.


Thanks to certified media storage processes we are able to protect you from data loss, theft, and improper storage. Media vaulting is very much a barcode-driven process, to enable us and you to record their every movement: the first check-in, later check-outs as required, or returned check-ins. This offers a seamless media exchange system, protected from breach, while offering a comprehensive insight into the vaulted media. 


We are additionally offering the ability to use automatic tape management systems, per your individual request. Media may be collected at pre-agreed schedules, even daily. The media are stored in air-conditioned and fire-protected special zones within our facilities, to meet C-level security requirements (VdS), and transportation is carried out using fully locked, GPS-tracked and air-conditioned vehicles. The neutral storage atmosphere for the vaulted media comes as standard. 

The advantages of vaulting digital media outside company premises include the following:

    • Certified security, transparency and flexibility,
    • Storage conditions to match media types (e.g. specific humidity levels and temperature, etc.),
    • Maximum lifetime and minimum access times,
    • Standardized processes and consistent infrastructure,
    • Protection against data loss, theft and improper storage,
    • Storage carried out in full compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

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