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Document storage and media vaulting

Legal requirements for records storage

Businesses around the globe have seen how important it is to manage their records correctly. They often face the challenge of meeting a growing number of legal and organizational regulations for document and media storage and management. At the same time, certain types of records, such as accounting, tax, payroll, HR, medical or other documents are subject to specific laws concerning retention periods, which may even extend to decades.

Infrastructure and security measures 

In the document storage process, the integrity of information plays the most important role, with document security becoming a top priority. However, many businesses lack the relevant know-how in that respect (with no qualified archivists/records managers employed and no applicable policies in place), as well as the required infrastructure (adequate storage premises with racking systems, equipped with the relevant security measures). Companies that manage their in-house archives, where the storage rules do not match the industry standards and information governance policies (e.g. no specific records management policies, no physical and logical security measures), face the heightened risk of records loss as a result of theft, damages caused by fire or flooding, as well as information breaches as a result of unauthorized access.

A professional storage facility = security and business continuity

Storage of any types of records, such as accounting records (invoices, receipts), tax records (tax returns, explanations), HR and payroll records (agreements, salaries), medical records (medical history, examinations), is one of our key competencies. Should you decide to outsource the storage of records to us, we will transport your documents to one of our secure facilities, and the individual files will be properly indexed and tagged with the use of barcodes. This systemic approach will enable you to track and trace and records movements, guaranteeing full transparency of the process. If you decide to store your records at your premises, we will be happy to share our know-how with you, by implementing the adopted work standards (e.g. a records storage policy), which will optimize your costs and improve security. 

Storage process optimization and security

Rhenus Data Office Polska offers the storage and management of all types of records and electronic media, from classic paper documents, through binders, personnel files, files, technical drawings and storage boxes, to electronic media, such as LTO and DAT tapes, memory cards, pen drives, and many others. 


Fully certified storage facilities of Rhenus Data Office Polska are located on pre-checked flood zones and meet the stringent standards, including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, to guarantee the highest level of security and comprehensive protection unauthorized access, theft, or damages cause as a result of fire or flooding.

A state-of-the-art records management system ensures full transparency of storage for your accounting records, tax, HR and payroll, medical or any other records: each and every movement of documents is registered in the system in a manner that prevents modification, and document status can be checked at all times.

The advantages of having a professional third party manage your records in an external facility:

    • Optimal use of the available storage space,
    • Time savings and risk reduction due to the application of professional records management solutions,
    • Minimization and transparency of costs, with billing charged to specific cost centers,
    • Instant user access thanks to uninterrupted access to records via an online platform,
    • Compliance with the legal requirements of records security,
    • Protection of your records from unauthorized access as a result of implementing information governance policies.

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