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Electronic Media Destruction (CDs, DVDs, HDDs)

The world of digital information

Every day we move on based on digitally recorded information. Hard disk drives (HDD), USB drives, CDs and DVDs, or back-up tapes (e.g. DAT, DLT, LTO, etc.), as well as various types of memory cards are found in so many places and can hold that much highly sensitive information it has become mandatory to secure it in compliance with the applicable law. Data should always be protected from unauthorized access, modification or loss.

The vision of a data leak from information recorded e.g. on hard drives is one of the worst nightmares many company CEOs have to live with. The modern, and increasingly digitized world of business poses the absolute requirement to effectively destroy data. Every hard drive will cease to stop working at some point in time, and CDs and DVDs, or USB drives, back-up tapes or memory cards must be replaced with devices offering more volume. Bear in mind, then, that an ordinary erasure process will not guarantee a complete removal of the recorded information, especially when dealing with rewritable media.

Security that sets new standards 

We offer a reliable hard drive and other media destruction process, to make sure none of your sensitive information is shared to unauthorized users. This is the only fully secure method of removing data recorded on digital media, through mechanical destruction, performing accordance with the latest standard, DIN 66399. The method guarantees full confidentiality of data stored on hard drives (HDD) or other electronic media, compared to other methods, e.g. electronic data erasure or demagnetization, when the effectiveness of permanent data removal is hard to verify. Compare various hard drive destruction medthods.

Electronic media shred recycling

Equally important to information security are issues related to environmental protection – this is why the procedures in place at Rhenus Data Office Polska throughout the hard drive and other media destruction process, as well as restrictive quality standards, ensure that both magnetic and optical drives and media are destroyed per the applicable regulations. All media are classified with the relevant waste code and are then subject to recycling processes in combination with other waste derived from electronic equipment. 

The advantages of mechanical media destruction include the following:

    • Security: all media identified for destruction will be collected in secure aluminum containers.
    • Certainty: information contained in the drives are destroyed using mechanical destruction, i.e. all media are passed through industrial shredders in compliance with DIN 66399.
    • Efficiency: certified industrial shredders can process up to 200 drives an hour.
    • Process transparency and control: continuous supervision and electronic documentation containing all serial numbers of destroyed media.
    • Official confirmation: relevant certificates of destruction and waste delivery card are issued upon completion of the process.
    • Mobility: upon request, hard drives and other media may be shredded at customer’s premises.
    • Cost-effectiveness and ecology: economical media destruction that is environmentally friendly.


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