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Document shredding in secure aluminum containers

Secure aluminum containers

Many companies, especially those with a broadly developed structure and processing thousands of documents containing sensitive information, such as personal data or confidential market and competition data, do not have the right technical and organizational measures to ensure that such data and information are fully shredded and destroyed, per the applicable law. Rhenus Data Office Polska offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully secure, cost-effective and environmentally friendly document shredding and media destruction services. The system of interchangeable aluminum containers adopted at Rhenus Data Office Polska ensures the complete security of your sensitive documentation, from the moment of collection, through transport, to secure shredding and destruction. 

How does this work?

On ordering shredding services, customers will receive secure containers for documents and other media to be placed within their premises (with volumes from 50 liters to 600 liters). Following this, depending on contractual arrangements, Rhenus Data Office Polska will perform a one-off or cyclical collection and change of containers – the full ones will be collected from your premises, against a signed collection report, and transported to a shredding facility using GPS-monitored vehicles.

The shredding itself takes place in a secure and guarded facility, and is performed by experienced staff members. Our experts will be happy to advise and support you, regardless of your document volumes: from small amounts of office documentation, to bulk shredding of paper documents from your archives on expiry of specific retention periods, to the destruction of electronic media (CDs, DVDs, HDDs). Upon completion of the processes, you will be issued a destruction certificate.

Secure HD

Pojemnik na dokumenty Secure HD 120

Secure HD

Pojemnik na dokumenty Secure HD 240

Pojemnik - T70

Pojemnik na dokumenty - T70

Pojemnik - T21

Pojemnik na dokumenty - T21

Pojemnik - T61

Pojemnik na dokumenty - T61

Security, security, security

Our customers can rest assured their sensitive and confidential information is protected from any leaks and breaches, whose consequences may result in monetary losses equal to hundreds of thousands or even millions of zloty. Our state-of-the-art shredding facility guarantees maximum security and efficiency, covering the following:

    • 3 modern facilities equipped with high-volume industrial shredders,
    • Thousands of specialist aluminum containers for document collection, each fitted with a unique lock,
    • Proprietary fleet of 28 GPS-monitored vehicles,
    • Daily shredding of documents in compliance with security level 3 according to DIN 66399,
    • Certified information security management (ISO 27001) and quality management (ISO 9001),
    • Fully qualified and police vetted staff, contractually required to maintain confidentiality,
    • A partnership agreement combined with the highest contractual and tort liability, with a maximum insurance amount of 10,000,000 PLN,
    • Official waste management permit and transportation license.

The advantages of using secure container-based document shredding services:

    • Overhead reduction – elimination of office shredder purchase and servicing expenses, shred bag purchases, and shred removal,
    • Ability to focus on the core business, without dedicating your valuable time to shredding-related activities,
    • Zero-investment implementation of a consistent information security policy standard,
    • High level of data confidentiality as a result of shredding performed in industrial shredders,
    • Effective shredding and destruction of any and all media, including hard drives (HDD), CDs, DVDs, VHS and LTO tapes, pen drives, memory cards, etc. 
    • Environmental protection as the shredded material is used by paper mills to produce new paper goods,
    • Elimination of pollution and noise as the secure shredding takes place outside of your premises.


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