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Bulk document shredding

Disposal of records

As your business develops and revenues grow, you may decide to change your address to a more prestigious location, a proof of your success and wealth. Office space in central business districts may, however, prove an expensive venture, making the management decide which records to retain, and which records, frequently stored for decades, but not adding value to the business, to dispose of. Such records reviews will often show that many documents and media are stored without a reason, as their retention period expired many years ago, thus making them disposable records. When this is the case, bulk shredding may be performed without the use of secure containers, with documents delivered for shredding on pallets.

Full confidentiality and security

If you decide to deliver your documents for shredding on pallets, you may rest assured the security of the information will not be breached. Rhenus Data Office Polska staff will assist with preparing the records for transportation in secure vehicles so that full integrity of your data is maintained. Palletized documents will be shredded in an industrial shredding facility, using the same process standards as applies to shredding of documents delivered in secure aluminum or plastic containers.

The advantages of bulk document shredding include the following:

    • Overhead reduction as a result of freeing up expensive storage space due to expired records review and disposal,
    • Limiting your archive size as a result of selective and fully compliant expired records disposal, giving you extra space for value-adding services,
    • Full security and confidentiality under a consistent information security standard policy – ISO 27001 and ISO 9001,
    • High level of security thanks to shredding performed in industrial shredders in accordance with DIN 66399.

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