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Document shredding and media destruction

In the information era data represent a significant business asset, subject to relevant protection. The amount of information created and processed each day has become so substantial, and its applications so varied, it requires not only enhanced and effective processing methods, sharing and storage models, but also secure shredding and destruction. As a result, the strategic challenge each company faces is the effective and, at the same time, compliant protection of all data containing sensitive information about the business, its employees and/or customers.


Coupled with that is the increasing volume of regulations and policies concerning secure document shredding and media destruction, including hard drives (HDD), CDs and DVDs, memory cards or back-up tapes. It is well worth noting that this area is subject to specific standards, such as the DIN 66399, developed by the German Standards Committee for Information Technology and Applications (NIA), which regulates the requirements and obligations concerning secure document shredding and media destruction.


In order to shred or destroy, one must be able to do it in a professional manner – this meaning, most companies do not have the relevant technical or organizational measures to do it. Rhenus Data Office Polska offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully secure, cost-effective and environmentally friendly document shredding and media destruction services. The system of interchangeable aluminum containers adopted at Rhenus Data Office Polska ensures the complete security of your sensitive documentation, from the moment of collection, through transport, to secure shredding and destruction.

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