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SpeedUp - Tools to optimise document and task flow (BPM workflow)

SpeedUp is a system of “state of the art” IT solutions optimising the documents workflow and task routing (BPM workflow) in your company. Each organization is a sum of business processes. Thanks to their automation, information becomes easily accessible, reaching the indicated places and people. Fast data flow in the company allows for immediate improvement of areas and closing of processes, as well as making the right decisions. It introduces transparency of tasks which allow for increasing the effectiveness of management - all activities at each stage of the work flow remain transparent and the status of each process is visible at any given moment.

Integrator of human competence and machine capabilities

At Rhenus Data Office Polska we take a comprehensive approach to process optimisation. Even the best technology requires a skilful selection and adjustment of support provided by human knowledge and business experience. The result of this attitude is SpeedUp, where we select the right IT tools for the circulation of documents and tasks according to your needs and budget possibilities and provide support in their proper configuration. This allows you to make maximum use of your people's potential and manage the variability of processes taking place in your organisation even better.

We are supported in this by our technology partners who specialise in creating solutions with high technological innovation of ECM (Enterprise-Content-Management) and BPMS (Business Process Management Systems) class.

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