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ProfitUp - Advisory services / improving the liquidity of business processes

ProfitUp is a package of consulting services, increasing the efficiency and liquidity of business processes in the company. Within its framework, we offer you a full audit of procedures in the company and identification and elimination of problematic, “bottle necks” areas. In this way, we increase the transparency and accountability of tasks in which paper documents

Using the ProfitUp service will allow you to identify opportunities and places to improve the liquidity of business processes in your company and decide on the right IT solution to address all these objectives. The potential of all solutions can be exploited by optimising the document flow within the organisation.

New, better workflow

ProfitUp allows you to outsource implementation, as well as management of document and task workflow IT system, which significantly improves data flow processes in the company. We are supported in this by our technology partner, ELO Digital Office, which specialises in creating solutions of high technological innovation of the Enterprise-Content-Management class.

Optimizing the workflow with the ProfitUp product, among others:

  • We analyse the process, advise on improvements and map steps in the system,

  • We enter data and classify it using RTA (Robotic Text Automation) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies,

  • We implement automatic control of information flow, supported by ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technology,

  • We keep physical and digital documents (even for decades),

  • We create portal and mobile solutions,

  • We are building mechanisms for cooperation and knowledge management.

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