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InvoiceUp - optimization of the process of booking incoming invoices

InvoiceUp is a service that allows for instant conversion of invoices and shortening the time of acceptance and posting costs. Our service, addressed to persons responsible for the finance and accounting department in companies, includes handling the process of digitisation, decreeing, acceptance and posting of invoices. It can be performed outside the client's company premises on an outsourcing basis - more details can be found at digital-up.pl/finanse-ksiegowosc/. You are welcome!

How does InvoiceUp work?

As part of InvoiceUp we provide a comprehensive service, including: 

  • acceptance and registration of invoices from suppliers,

  • using OCR to automatically read data from the content of the invoice, such as: name of the contractor, tax ID, VAT amounts and rates, or cost items

  • implementation of an electronic document circulation system to improve the process of decree and acceptance,

  • creating a repository of invoices.

As part of InvoiceUp we reorganise the process of accepting paper and electronic documents (sent by e-mail) and replace paper documents with their digital version. Digitisation of invoices enables quick and convenient reading of content, its electronic decree and acceptance. In practice, this means automation of the acceptance process - scans of invoices can be sent through the system to a designated department, cell or person in the company. This allows for faster and smoother settlement of documents due to their place of origin (MPK) and allocation of costs to the appropriate budget.

How does InvoiceUp work in practice?

In the companies of our clients:

  • The amount of work needed to handle invoices on an ongoing basis has decreased by 30%,

  • Thanks to the digitisation of paper documents and the implementation of electronic invoice workflow, the time required to enter a single invoice in the financial and accounting system was reduced by several days,

  • full control of the flow of invoices has been regained, from the date of their receipt until the costs booking,

  • immediate access to accounting documents (invoices, notes, corrections) was gained - the scans are visible from the moment they are entered into the system (digitisation) by the office,

  • you can keep an eye on the receipts of invoices and strive for rapid settlement,

  • Thanks to the timely settlement of payments, company reputation in the eyes of business partners has been greatly improved.

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