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FluentUp - 100% data quality in RPA processes (Robotic Process Automation)

As part of the FluentUp offer, we handle exceptions and correct data in RTA (Robotic Text Automation) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) processes. This means that our specialist employees "clean up" the data in the processes carried out by software robots.

FluentUp is a combination of the possibilities offered by robotics and automation, with the perfectionism that characterises a highly trained person. This kind of cooperation guarantees that the quality of processed data will be at the highest possible level in the process of its digitisation. The goal of FluentUp is 100 percent completeness of the tasks performed at the lowest cost, how do we achieve this?

We combine people's competence with technology

Automation and robotisation of business processes is currently one of the absolutely key factors changing the functioning of Polish companies. The fundamental condition for building effective business models is the digitisation of all data coming into the company.

However, the increase in computing power and the ease with which data can be obtained and analysed must be controlled by human beings, as the digital transformation requires appropriate preparation of data. Our actions and observations confirm that the effectiveness of the remote work so valued today is greatest when the capture of input data, its validation, analysis and use in the process takes place almost entirely automatically, but under the control of specialised people.

The operating team of Rhenus Data Office Polska are people who, thanks to their competence in data validation, perfectly cooperate with RPA technology, produced in our company robotization department. We provide our clients with all leading technologies (UiPath, G1ANT, Automation Anywhere and KofaxKapow etc.).

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