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EntryUp - Entering data into client's systems

The EntryUp service is a support based on professional data entry into IT systems, which is an effective way of relieving the workload of own employees. Transferring this obligation to Rhenus Data Office Polska is a guarantee of entrusting data into good hands - we ensure 100% security of data processing and collection, which we guarantee by contract and our reputation.

Advanced operations. Modern services

As part of this modern service, our team of experienced specialists, equipped with high quality computer hardware, enters data in a special office designed according to RODO standards. We use systemic control measures to ensure the highest quality of cooperation.

For our customers we perform such advanced operations and services as, among others:

  • care of the contracts, including verification of their completeness,

  • developing and entering into the system data from existing contracts to help activate services or start up leasing (cash payments),

  • developing a list of contacts, including sales and e-mail lists,

  • professional entry of address data on the basis of submitted documents, such as questionnaires, order data or invoices,

  • registration of orders and waybills,

  • validation of the correctness of data entered into the system necessary for registration and handling of orders,

  • preparation and cleaning of databases, including the identification and elimination of duplicates.

  • And many others

Benefits of outsourcing of data input

EntryUp will help you to better manage the working time of employees. It enables you to redirect the necessary resources to key areas of your business, allowing you to focus on its development. Using the services of such an experienced partner as Rhenus Data Office Polska is also a guarantee of optimization of time and resources allocated for recruitment and training of employees, as well as expensive equipment of necessary office space.

EntryUp allows for effective management of team working time and billing - our customers pay only for the effective working time of the entire team: the amount of the invoice depends on the scope and amount of data actually entered – pay as you go. This makes it possible to reduce personnel costs. In outsourcing and the EntryUp service, resources can also be freely scaled. This means that the number of our employees involved in a given project will depend on the volume of data that will be provided during the cooperation.

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