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ConvertUp - conversion of documents and data / scanning of documents

Documents are increasingly being created and sent in digital form. However, there are still many information resources within the company that were created before the advent of the digital revolution. Some of them will still be needed for day-to-day operations.

Access to many, among others, tapes, films and technical drawings in physical form can be difficult, for example, due to the distance between the unit and the archive or difficulties in finding and delivering the right paper to the users in need. Storage and transfer of these documents takes up space and takes a lot of time.

Digitisation - the road to modernity

The solution is ConvertUp - digitisation of documentation. Scanned information resources (in whole or in part) are indexed accordingly, i.e. described in order to find them easily in the document database. This eliminates the possibility of losing it, frees up space in the office and saves time needed for the document to arrive. It also allows to obtain a durable and qualitatively better image than the paper original. Reducing your office space through remote working ? Don't you have the necessary staff on site for authorised access, document search, loan registration, scanning and shipping? This solution is for you.

All you need is access to an appropriate document management tool (DMS - Document Management System), in which you can find the desired resources in digital version in just a few moments - you just need to print them or send them to any device.

As part of ConvertUp, we provide services of professional scanning of traditional and technical documentation (black and white or colour from 100 to 600 DPI, including large formats, in PDF, JPG and TIF). Digital copies are categorised, catalogued, named and described (manually or with the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology) according to the
expectations of the customer who does not have to invest in expensive hardware - our scanners and software process formats from A7 to A0+, which means that we will scan any size drawing.

Guarantee of efficient and safe work

ConvertUp allows to create a structured structure of documents, enabling easy access to data in an electronic archive 24 hours a day. It is a guarantee of effective work with documents combined with a high level of security of company information resources. ConvertUp shortens
the time related to document processing, eliminates costs of document distribution and reduces expenses related to printing, copying and sending documents. And you can already reduce the amount of leased office space.

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