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AccessUp - remote access to data and its storage in the cloud

As part of AccessUp, we offer a modern, comprehensive electronic archive in the cloud, allowing you to effectively manage your company's files. Online access via a user-friendly and encrypted interface enables any authorised employee to use the archive resources - from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

How does AccessUp work?

You can use our cloud to store your data in it. After scanning and describing (e.g. personal files) the documents are transformed into their exact electronic copies. We provide a comprehensive ICT infrastructure (servers, databases, firewall, links, etc.), located in a secure data processing centre. We have prepared the conditions for uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The centre is equipped with, among others, independent power sources, full back-up and alternative transmission links. This guarantees that your data will remain safe regardless of the situation.

Software convenience

The client receives from us a convenient ECM (Enterprise Content Management) class software, allowing him/her to view his/her documents and data with all necessary levels of access. This means that every user can only view the documents to which they have been authorised. You will find ready-made solutions as standard in our outsourcing model - so you don't have to bear any IT investment costs.

What does the AccessUp provide?

AccessUp greatly enhances daily work with documents from all departments of the company, providing:

  • design ideally suited to remote work (working in the home office is no longer any problem),

  • reduced costs of keeping documentation quickly available,

  • better protection against data destruction, loss or leakage,

  • easy access to information - everything is in the computer, no more binders,

  • storing information in a secure cloud with a modern IT system,

  • the ability to generate many useful summaries and reports,

  • saving employees' time,

  • the possibility of signing digital copies with a qualified electronic signature,

  • protection against the loss, disappearance or destruction of documentation.

E-Personnel File within the AccessUp offer

HR staff know that a single mistake can lead to dissatisfaction and even demotivation of the employee. It may happen that in the case of inaccuracies or shortcomings in the documentation, the company will run the risk of administrative penalties. In addition, the amount of documents flowing into the HR department is constantly increasing and puts HR employees under even greater pressure for lack of time. A solution that significantly improves the effectiveness of HR tasks is to change the form of keeping personal files from paper to electronic thanks to the comprehensive Digital Up offer - more details can be found at
https://digital-up.pl/kadry-hr/. You are welcome!

Personal files in the 21st century

Digitisation of personal files makes the daily work of the HR department radically easier. Converting paper files into a fast and easy to use electronic form is the first step needed to optimise subsequent HR processes and events such as: hiring an employee, regular appraisal, training, job and salary changes, "talent" management, holiday application management, etc.

The electronic personal folder is especially recommended for large and medium-sized organisations with a dispersed structure, where the documentation is physically created in many places and its dispersed (in several locations) storage makes it difficult to deal with everyday matters. Keeping files in paper extends their search time and the long-time of access to files increases the costs of HR department functioning.

The benefits of using an electronic personal file are primarily:

  • the possibility of obtaining managerial information about the completeness (or lack of) personal files

  • full auditability of work with the electronic personal file - control over logging history and activities performed on documents

  • increase in the effectiveness of work, while maintaining its quality - a single employee of the HR department using the E-Personnel File Archive will be able to settle
    personnel and payroll events for up to 1000 people

  • saving the time of HR employees, which can be spent on working with people in the form of training, further development of competences, or innovative and strategic HR projects.

  • keeping personal files in electronic form eliminates costs of paper storage and at the same time shortens the time of searching for them

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