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Obsługa korespondencji

Mailroom – the information centerpiece of every organization

The mailroom has been known and practiced for many decades, but has recently upgraded and become the “digital” mailroom, with its contribution to business operations becoming each and every year more essential, being the centerpiece of document flow in many organizations. The major task of the mailroom is to receive, register and distribute incoming letters, but also to prepare, register and send outgoing correspondence – all these actions, frequently completely intangible to the average worker, play a key role in the internal processes, affecting the quality and speed of information flows, to ensure that letters and responses are delivered on time.

Correspondence and document processing

A modern mailroom receives all incoming physical mailings (e.g. letters, invoices, forms, claims) and digital ones (e.g. e-mails and messages from contact forms), and then decides on the correct information flow. Hard copy documents will be scanned with selected data captured immediately in the system, and all mailings, regardless of their format, will be indexed and placed in an electronic repository. From there the documents will be sent to the relevant recipients – persons or functional units.

Outgoing correspondence will be similarly processed, with the mailroom able to handle all sorts of outgoing mail, shipments or parcels. It can also be your internal messenger/courier service with a guarantee of stability and process transparency, regularly adjusted to meet your needs. An attractive addition to the portfolio of jobs completed by the mailroom may be the processing of non-standard mailing actions, handling large volumes of copying or printing, or even staff the reception desk.

The advantages of implementing mailroom services to your organization include the following:

    • Optimization of all correspondence handling processes,
    • Automation of the scanning process and implementation of a digital repository (e-archive),
    • Ability to decide where to implement mailroom services: on-site at your premises, or off-site to free up space for your core business operations, 
    • Ability to process all letters and shipments delivered by postmen or picked up from the post office (including post box collections),
    • Reduction of mailing costs as a result of consolidation and optimization.

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