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Digital mailroom

The volumes of mail sent each day continue to grow, which is a direct result of economic growth and the ability to work remotely. An average size organization may processes tens of thousands of letters and other types of shipments each month, while all company departments require that information is delivered to them instantaneously and error-free. According to research, companies commit significant resources to processing the postal arrivals each day to transform them into data that enable business operations at a level the market expects in the 21st century.

Document Processing


Mailroom services, or digital mailroom, covers the automatic process of processing streams of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Using high volume scanners and data capture software, all documents may be digitized, thus automating the process of classifying and distributing the documents received by an organization. The process transforms both traditional correspondence (e.g. letters or invoices), and digital mail (e-mails), ensuring that all operations are consistent and comply with the applicable law.

In an effort to meet the expectations of modern-day organizations, Rhenus Data Office Polska offers support in implementing and managing digital mailrooms, in accordance with the latest standards in the area. All operations may be carried out on-site, i.e. at the customer’s premises, or off-site, i.e. outside of such premises – at the service provider’s facilities. Read on for a better understanding of the cooperation models offered.

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