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Return on investment and benefits

How does the use of robot software affect process handling, its efficiency, economy and increase of employee potential? We invite you to watch a short film. An exemplary process required the monitoring of email mailboxes to which orders were sent. These orders (attachments in *. pdf format) were analyzed manually and the data included therein was transferred into the relevant systems. In addition, due to the existing SLA, the process itself had to be done very quickly.

What was the effect of using a robot?

Was any result achieved?

  • Significant reduction of FTE's.
  • Acceleration of the task (in this case 7x, usual min. 2x).
  • Possibility of using FTE for additional tasks.

Benefits of using software robots

  • They can be implemented very quickly because they do not require deep integration with other systems.
  • They allow an increase in employee productivity, service level and productivity of 35-50%.
  • They provide 100% data compatibility, reduce costly errors and corrections that slow down operations.
  • Robots work 24/7
  • They use algorithms to precisely achieve their goals.
  • Robots whose action is triggered by a given event (information flow, lack of data) support employees in standard activities and the processing of current tasks.
  • They are fully scalable, allowing them to adapt flexibly to e.g. increased workload.
  • One robot can do up to 5 workers’ tasks.
  • It is a cost effective solution, especially in areas with expected high rates of return (average ROI within 3-12 months).

Automation with self-developed tools vs. using RPA technology

Many companies are already trying to optimize office processes using internal IT teams. Is this approach wrong? Does it carry any risk?

The phenomenon of Robotic Process Automation solutions and companies creating such solutions, which in a short period of time have become players with global reach, proves the satisfaction of customers' expectations in the scope of assistance in process optimization. Every IT project involves securing the company's facilities, maintaining project documentation, updating it according to changes and incurring considerable personnel costs.


The main benefits of using professional RPA systems are:

  • Significant reduction of process automation solution maintenance costs.
  • The ability to manage all workflow in a company from a single location, e.g. a central server.
  • Increasing the security of sensitive information and the methods of its optimization inside the organization.
  • Project team members are not dependent on historical knowledge of other  employees.
  • It enables a smooth transition to any third-party solution by recording the process in a form that everyone understands.

The selection of the right technology and usage model

After a process analysis, Rhenus specialists recommend the optimal technological solution. The priority, apart from the issue of safety, is to apply the selected model of robot use while giving the fastest possible return on investment (purchase of a licence) or time savings (rental of the robot as a service, RaaS).

The complexity of the process and ROI

What are the main factors to be considered when choosing a process in order to gain the greatest possible benefit? The correlation between the assumed benefits and the degree of complexity is shown below.

The greatest advantage will be gained by choosing a relatively simple process with a low degree of complexity. This is also the type of process recommended as the best choice for the first automation projects with Robotic Process Automation technology.

Second, it is necessary to diagnose processes with a medium and high degree of complexity - the automation of these will also provide significant benefits for an organization.

The third group recommended for automation are those processes that are relatively simple and at the same time offer fewer advantages.

The above recommendations are only a signpost. In fact, a comprehensive assessment of the potential depends on many additional factors.

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