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Robotic Process Automation Academy

Are you considering using robot software in your organization? We invite you to the training.

NAME OF TRAINING: "Software robots. Strategy, design, management and implementation.

INTENDED PARTICIPANTS: Anyone who wants to get familiar with the practical aspects of designing and implementing robot software in organizations.


  • How to determine which processes are suitable for RPA applications.
  • How to avoid mistakes in robot implementation.
  • How to estimate the post-implementation costs, savings & growth.   
  • How to effectively implement tools to optimize office processes.
  • What technical problems and concerns you will have to face.
  • How to write and run the first robot?
  • Whether RPA is an ally for internal processes optimization teams?
  • How to organize and manage the robot farm in a company?
  • The basics of robotic design to deepen your knowledge post-training.
  • What the difference is between automating with classic methods (macros, integration, customized systems) and professional RPA solutions.


1. First day:

  • What is RPA?
  • Criteria for technology and supplier selection.
  • Types of robots.
  • Use models: rental (RaaS), purchase of a licence.
  • Use examples (processes, industries).
  • How much does it cost to develop and run a robot software?
  • Analysis of ROI.
  • Company preparation for RPA projects (structure, technology).  
  • Internal communication (departments).
  • RPA project methodology.

2. Second Day:

  • Automation in companies: current vs. RPA solutions.
  • Discussion of the robot design environment (e.g. Kofax KAPOW).
  • Installation of the design environment.
  • Selecting the process - Happy flow - Exceptions.
  • My first robot - Design.
  • My first robot - Testing.
  • My first robot - Modification.
  • My next robots- Support in future projects.
  • Issue of certificates.

TYPE: Dedicated to companies.
DURATION: 2 working days.
HOURS: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Clients location, or
The Heart - Warsaw Spire, plac Europejski 1, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland, or
Rhenus Robotics Competence Center, al. Katowicka 66, 05-830 Nadarzyn, Poland

INFORMATION / RECORDS: +48-609-280-280 or a form below:

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