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Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM = process improvement and cost saving 

Business process management is a systemic approach to analyzing and controlling the processes within an organization. An effective methodology, frequently used at times of crisis, when assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of all organizational processes become a top priority. This exercises naturally leads to process improvement and cost reduction of a company’s operations. The methodology of optimizing processes provides for the following activities:

  • Analysis,
  • Redesign and remodeling,
  • Implementation,
  • Monitoring,
  • Management,
  • Automation. 

Optimization = competitive advantage

When operating on a daily basis, many businesses do not consider their own processes, especially in the back-office area, including administrative processes, required under the law or everyday operations, but not contributing value, for their efficiency and effectiveness. In an era when company operations are subject to continuous improvement, be it under the lean methodology or 6 sigma, when even the smallest correction can lead to gaining a substantial competitive advantage, it has become extremely important to check and optimize on an ongoing basis. These include also company workflows and uninterrupted access to management information required to make strategic business decisions. Process optimization should not be a one-off initiative, but should be part of a continued analysis of all current processes in place, identifying the relevant conclusions and activities to implement change.  

The advantages of outsourcing selected processes to a professional third party include, among others:

    • Ability to take advantage of the service provider’s expertise in the area of modeling and implementing effective processes,
    • Work efficiency improvements and better quality results,
    • Implementation of consistent standards for the internal processes,
    • Automation of work and related cost savings,
    • Transfer of responsibility for the correct operation of business processes to a third party expert.

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