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Outsourcing and business process optimization

According to ABSL, Association of Business Service Leaders, an industry organization representing the outsourcing sector in Poland, the country is the heartland of the world’s business process outsourcing, or BPO. As part of the activity, companies outsource selected business processes to an external service provider, specializing in a specific area. BPO is most often applied to back-office processes, or company operations that do not contribute value, but are indispensable under the applicable law. These may include operations such as HR and payroll, processing accounting and financial documentation, or managing business travel.


Outsourcing a single or multiple business processes to an external provider allows the service provider to better understand the nature of the process, and thus can approach the customer with improvement suggestions. This is what BPM, or business process management, is all about. The process covers the analysis and implementation of effective efficiency boosting methods to improve the operations of an organization, resulting in enhanced effectiveness and cost savings. 

Solutions offered by Rhenus Data Office Polska include services aiming to implement electronic document and information flow as part of improved workflows, and data entry using customer back-office systems. The benefits of the solutions are an effect of customized customer arrangements, however, the most critical advantage lies in freeing the potential of the staff, the ability to focus on front-office processes and creating additional value for the organization.

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