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Secure records transportation

Legal or organizational requirements influence many businesses to store company records at their premises. However, in-house document storage often means a significant investment, that covers the cost of human resources, relevant IT solutions, as well as the right technical infrastructure. The solutions have many advantages, but may sometimes pose problems, too, as when companies move their offices, resulting in the need to move the business records along.

The records transportation covers the following:

    • Document preparation at your premises,
    • Placement of documents in storage boxes by Rhenus staff, per your specific document organization requirements,
    • Transportation supervised by a professional escort using a specialist GPS-monitored vehicle,
    • Taking the documents out and placing them in the new facilities per the relevant archive topography.

The advantages of having a professional third party take over the relocation of your records:

    • Time saving for your staff as the procedure does not require their involvement,
    • Records are relocated per your specific requirements and needs, based on a pre-agreed schedule,
    • All transports are insured, and all document collections are subject to a relevant pick-up report,
    • Access to documents may be provided during the relocation, and the process does not affect your operations,
    • All documents are fully secured,
    • We will move and relocate even the largest sets of records, deliver them to your preferred location, without affecting your everyday business operations.

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