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Corporate Social Responsibility - Ekoaktywni.com

Today many companies try to incorporate within their regular business operations a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment. Their commitments to improve the business through focusing on the interests of the stakeholders are usually carried out under corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs which, apart from guaranteeing that all formal and legal requirements of operations are met, provides for increased investment in human resources, environmental protection and relationships with various stakeholders, such as employees and suppliers, who may have a real impact on the effectiveness of a company’s business activity or innovation.

One of the aspects of the CSR policy adopted at Rhenus Data Office Polska was the launch of a unique program in January 2015, Ekoaktywni.com, delivered in cooperation with two partners, the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds, and the Synapsis Foundation. The program combines commercial and loyalty functions (through the option to order document shredding services via an online platform while collecting points/credits), various environmental functions (the points/credits collected by the registered users can be used to support wild bird protection initiatives organized and managed by the PAP), as well as support for the disabled (for the purposes of the initiatives organized by the PSPB, autistic wards of the Synapsis Foundation build during their activity classes bird feeders and nest boxes). Environmental protection is further helped by the staff of Rhenus Data Office Polska, e.g. by supporting special actions, such as “House for the swift, joy for the kids”, covering the mounting of nest boxes for swifts on school buildings, or “Help rollers feed their young”, aimed at providing food to rollers throughout the Kurpiowska Plain.

The most committed business partners who make the greatest contribution to the delivery of the program’s objectives, are regularly honored during an annual summary event with an exclusive distinction – Golden, Silver and Bronze Hoopoe, confirming one’s special dedication to the protection of wildlife. See the account from the 2016 event.

We encourage our customers that would like to motivate their employees to undertake environmental initiatives to participate in educational projects managed by the PSPB, including the “Winter Bird Count”, “Spring Alive”, or the “European Bird Days”. The objectives of the Synapsis Foundation can be additionally supported by purchases of beautiful decorative and applied objects, made by the Foundation’s wards as part of the Various Objects Workshop, to be gifted as unique presents (including for Christmas), or act as decorations in the workplace.

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CSR Contact Person

Agnieszka Narewska

Dyrektor ds. Marketingu i CSR

tel.: +48 601 149 167

e-mail: agnieszka.narewska@pl.rhenus.com