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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

  • Shredding and Destruction

    Information is an important business asset, not all of which needs to be retained over long periods of time - check our secure, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly document shredding and media destruction services Learn more

  • Scanning and Digitization

    Scanning and indexing your infromation assets within an electronic information management system will help improve work efficiencies and speed-up everyday operations Learn more

  • Records Management and Storage

    Storage of records in industrial warehouses fitted with state-of-the-art security measures will lower your operational costs while guaranteeing optimal storage conditions over decades Learn more


    We will implement electronic document and information flow systems as part of enhanced workflows, while ensuring optimized operational processes Learn more

  • Digital Mailroom

    We will implement automated incoming and outgoing correspondence processing as a result of efficient document digitization, to enhance your internal information flows Learn more

  • Add-on Services

    Additional services offered to customers include secure records transportation, document salvage and recovery, and used and faulty electronic office equipment pick-up and disposal Learn more

  • Rhenus Data Office

    Rhenus Data Office Polska is your proven third party service provider for all your records and information management needs - part of an international logistics corporation with tradiiton spanning over 100 years Learn more

Shredding and Destruction

Secure document shredding and media destruction is a necessity of modern day business reality, ensuring protection from unforeseen data leaks and other associated threats to your business. Learn more

Business Process Outsourcing and Automation

Outsource your selected business processes to an expert who will propose the most effective solutions in the area of electronic document and information flow, or data entry. Learn more

Scanning and Digitization

Scanning and digitization of documents is the perfect solution for all those in need of continued access to your organization's information assets, regardless of place and time. Learn more

Records Management and Storage

A well organized and secured records center is your guarantee of business continuity and full access to the required information. Learn more

Digital Mailroom

The digital mailroom will ensure your incoming and outgoing correspondence will be managed promptly and effectively, with an option to automate the process. Learn more

Add-on Services

Document salvage and recovery, secure records transportation, collection and disposal of used office equipment will complement our records and information management services. Learn more


Rhenus Data Office Polska is an expert third party provider offering services in the area of records and information management (RIM), ensuring support for all your information assets throughout their entire lifecycle. A full spectrum of back-office processing services in the following functional areas:

If you choose to work with us, you will get improved efficiencies while saving time and money that you can dedicate to developing your core competencies. We are present in the entire country, offering the highest standard of work and customized approach to meet our customers' needs. Transparency and flexibility, quality of service and openness to your specific expectations are our key advantages. We offer peace of mind, as the security of your information is guaranteed thanks to certification in accordance with ISO 27001, while quality has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Document shredding and media destruction are performed in compliance with DIN 66399.

Find out how we can help you protect your most valuable assets!

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Rhenus Data Office
Polska Sp. z o.o.

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05-830 Nadarzyn,
telefon: +48 / 801 013 014
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e-mail: info@rhenus-data.pl